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Capco Brings Home Two Facility of the Year Trophies

After a long-awaited reveal, Capco is excited to announce our two winning facilities for the 2019 Mini-Storage Messenger Facility of the Year award. Among the five award categories, Capco’s submissions were awarded Overall Facility of the Year and Construction Facility of the Year. Here’s an inside look at our 2019 award-winning facilities.

Overall Facility of the Year

Key Storage Sonterra

Key Storage Sonterra received the Overall Facility of the Year award. The overall winner is selected based on the following criteria: design, construction, challenges overcome during building, unique features, landscaping, access features, marketing and customer service. Key Storage Sonterra knocked it out of the park across all these criteria. Here are some of our highlights.


The design of this facility is unique as the owner had just returned from a European vacation during the pre-planning stages of this facility. The European architecture heavily influenced his desired design for this project. This is what spurred the idea of including not just one primary focal point, but two. You can see these two focal points displayed through the eye-catching towers placed at the front and rear of the site. Another distinct design feature of this facility is its vibrance after dark. At night, this building is a site to see as it illuminates the night sky with purple and green linear lighting that complements the architecture and enhances its evening visibility.


The building was built to include several important “green” features including a rooftop solar energy system, thermally efficient windows, and even some of the building materials used were recycled material. The towers display use of white ACM panels. The ACM was cut to size in the field and fitted to create bands around the building and create boxed window features. The panels create and attractive sheen around the building.


For this site, the Capco team had to overcome numerous challenges to make this facility what it is today. One major challenge is its location, sandwiched between a large energy sub-station and the right of way for the Texas Department of Transportation. Because of this, there was no way for the construction crews to store materials or park construction vehicles. In order to overcome this, Capco scheduled the work using a just-in-time delivery method. Another challenge was the need to move the water main.  In order to make the site viable, it was necessary to relocate approximately over one hundred linear feet of existing 16” public water main located within the property. This was only able to be completed after multiple negotiation meetings with TxDOT.

Construction Facility of the Year

Armour Storage III El Paso, Texas

The Construction Facility of the Year was awarded to Armour Self-Storage III located in El Paso, Texas. The construction winner is selected based on unique design, construction challenges, and use of cutting-edge building materials or techniques. This facility had its fair share of challenges from the start, but this is part of what makes the facility so impressive.


This facility is located in an arroyo and characterized as a FEMA Flood Zone C. Because of this and the significant elevation change within the site, the design of this building took a unique approach with three of the four stories constructed below grade. On the outside of the building you can find a Mondrian inspired graphic that was a desired feature by the owner. This design feature was laid out to match the original design graphic with the colors matching the Extra Space branding.


In order to work on the steep terrain, the project was constructed in a series of vertical lifts. After the lowest level foundation of concrete was poured, the first level of retaining walls were framed and poured. Following this, the interior steel framing was installed including the metal decking and then the second-floor concrete was poured. Almost half of the structure was poured in place concrete and located underground with one side of the site 32 feet lower than the high side on a steep slope.


In order to begin any construction on the site that had a 45-foot elevation change, Capco built a temporary road from the street level down to the bottom. Since the project was constructed in an arroyo and three stories below grade, Capco had to create a way to coordinate delivery and loading of materials. We built a temporary hoist way in an elevator shaft to lad small materials to the lower floors. Larger materials had to be pre-loaded on each floor as each level was constructed.