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Job Description

The superintendent position serves to oversee, manage and facilitate all aspects of a project from beginning to end in coordination with the project manager. He or she schedules jobsite activities to meet project plans and specifications in the most timely, efficient, safe and cost effective manner possible. He or she coordinates and supervises construction activities, performs safety and environmental inspections and serves as a liaison between many involved parties throughout the duration of each project.


  • ¬†Inspect work of trades and provide direction to ensure output meets expectations
  • ¬†Monitor work for conformance of project plans and specifications
  • Create daily reports to record weather, trades, number of workers and project accomplishments
  • Maintain collection of photos throughout duration of the project
  • Manage punch list items for completion and accuracy
  • Collaborate with project manager to coordinate, monitor and update schedule regularly
  • Communicate with trades to schedule work activities
  • Plan work schedules effectively to minimize conflicts
  • Hold coordination meetings with trades to manage work for priority, neatness, efficiency and to minimize conflict
  • Perform safety meetings regularly
  • Monitor trades to conform to safe worksite conditions and standards
  • Perform SWP3 inspections as required to meet SAWS and TCEQ regulations
  • Maintain BMPs and update erosion control plan to meet SAWS and TCEQ regulations
  • Coordinate and schedule city, special and engineer inspections to meet requirements for entity or purpose
  • Communicate project manager and owner directives and expectations with trades
  • Communicate trades’ concerns with project manager
  • Communicate with city, state, federal and municipality representatives and inspectors
  • Communicate with owner and owner’s representatives
  • Communicate with architect and project engineers
  • Train new superintendents and/or provide answers or assistance as needed